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Attendance Letter

Why have I received a letter about my child's attendance?

Some parents do receive letters to inform them that their child's attendance has gone below the expected 95%. Usually, this can be due to illness and the attendance will rise again. This type of situation is not a problem.
When a letter is sent to you in these circumstances, it is merely to inform you that the Education Social Worker is monitoring attendance until it rises again to the expected level.
The Local Authority count lateness, holidays, illness and medical appointments as absence.
Where a child experiences continued absence for whatever reason, the situation becomes more complicated and will require more monitoring and conversation in order to be clear about why the child has been absent and what can be done to help the child benefit more regularly from being in school.
In the most serious cases,children are categorised as Persistently Absent and work usually needs to be carried out between the parent and school, or the parent and the Educational Social Worker, to improve attendance for the child.
At the most serious level, a parent may be issued with a Penalty Notice.
The policy is the same in all schools in Bournemouth.
We take the view that we love to see our child thriving because they are good attenders and we seek to help where there is a problem.
In serious cases, we would have to follow the policy to conclusion.