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How can I help my child with their handwriting skills?

In the Early Years Foundation Stage
The initial focus for children entering Reception is to develop their gross motor skills. This includes developing their balance, coordination and spatial awareness. The children develop these skills through various sessions including P.E, Let’s Move and Child Initiated Activities e.g. trikes and scooters. The focus then moves towards developing fine motor skills. The children will engage in various activities to develop these skills e.g. threading, painting, cutting and construction resources. ‘Write Dance’ is also used to support fine motor and writing skills.
The next stage in the development of handwriting skills is to introduce the cursive script. The children are taught how to form each letter starting with an entry stoke and finishing with an exit stroke. The children practise letter formation in lots of different ways, using lots of different media, e.g. water painting, whiteboards, chalks and paints. We encourage the children to form big letters first; in order for them to understand the movement and shape of each letter and then make the letter smaller.
To support your child at home with handwriting, use any of the ideas above to help strengthen their hands and fingers to prepare them to hold and control writing tools.
If you would like more information on cursive script then please speak to your child’s Class Teacher.
In Years One and Two
In Years One and Two, children continue to develop their fine motor skills in Handwriting lessons, for example threading, playdough, weaving and construction resources. Children continue to practise forming letters using a cursive script and begin to join letters together in words. Children are taught to use entry strokes which start on the line.
Please link on the document below (coming soon) to see an example of the alphabet in a cursive script style of handwriting.