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How can I support my child in completing their Home Learning?

Home Learning activities will be given to your child on a weekly or fortnightly basis (unless otherwise stated).  A typed explanation will be in their Home Learning book.  If for any reason your child’s Home Learning book does not have this, please ask your child’s Class Teacher for a copy.  It will include what the activity is and questions to promote discussions.  Your child will already know the activity set from their Class Teacher, but if you and your child are unsure, please, ask.
Once your child has decided how they would like to show their ideas then spend as much time as s/he is engaged in the project. There is no set expectation of how long a Home Learning activity will take and time spent on activities will depend on you and your child. Take all possible opportunities to extend your child’s thinking. Remember that talking with your child is a vital part of Home Learning.
Give your child as much support as you think they need. Encourage your child in deciding how they want to show their ideas. If they decide to write their ideas, please allow your child to write independently.