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School Council

School Council


Our School Council is made up of 12 Councillors, one from each class.  Every Councillor is voted for democratically by their class at the beginning of the school year.


The Council meets regularly once a fortnight to discuss and take action on a range of issues within school such as lost property or collecting suggestions for school developments.  The Council is frequently involved in helping the grown-ups in school make decisions about matters such as lunchtime clubs and how to make playtimes safe and happy.  They play a very important role in ensuring that pupil voice is heard and  valued within school by asking their classes for ideas about certain subjects or proposals which they then share during discussion at meetings.  The Councillors also take part in public events; they organise and run a stall at the School fairs, act as Ambassadors during events such as the Art Exhibition, and help out with charity days and collections.


Council meetings are held in the staffroom – refreshments are provided- and each meeting has an agenda and minutes.  The children feed back to their classes after every meeting so that everybody knows what they have been doing.

Autumn Term 2016


The School Council have had a busy Autumn term and the children have worked hard!

Our new Year One and Two councillors were voted by their classes during the first week back at school in September.  Their first job was to review the Playground Buddy system to make sure that it was working properly  making sure that everyone was safe and happy now that changes have been made to our playtimes. The children gathered the views of their classes and reported back their findings to the Council.  They then made some ‘tweaks’ to the system, such as allocating playground areas to Class Buddies and changing the way the Buddies were chosen, to improve how the Buddies could make a difference to our playtimes.  Then the Councillors needed to plan and present an Assembly to Year R to let the new children know about the Playground Buddy system and to tell them all about  the School Council and what Councillors had to do.  Year R children were then able to vote for their own Councillors and choose their Playground Buddies.


Collecting for Charity


The School Council have supported our Charity days this term by collecting donations.  Year Two councillors visited every class each morning selling poppies and other items to raise money for Remembrance and year group councillors filled their bucket in their year groups with donations for Children in Need.