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Whole School Events

Summer Fair 2017


What a brilliant turnout there was for our Summer Fair on Friday 23rd June.  There was so much to see and do and the atmosphere was buzzing!


There was fun face painting, bouncy castles, a sizzling BBQ selling tasty burgers and hot dogs, a wonderful tea room and many different kinds of stalls.  The fair had an international theme this year and there was an endless stream of wonderful entertainment from the children and guest performers.


Year One sang a super South African song called ‘Shosha Loza’, which they did so well, with big smiles and great enthusiasm.


Year Two performed their ‘cool and confident’ street dancing routines to a very big crowd!  Then, some of Year Two also put on an excellent performance playing Samba drums to create a South American feel!


Thank you to all of you who were able to come along and enjoy the fair.  This event has raised approximately £2500 for the school!


Finally, a BIG heartfelt thanks to all of our fantastic PA who put so much of their time and energy into organising and running a very successful Summer Fair.  Thank you!

Road Safety


Last week “Dorset Community Police” came to talk to some of the children about Road Safety.  The interactive assembly helped the children to learn about road safety in a fun and informative way.  As a parent or carer you also play a big part in helping your child to learn how to stay safer. Children will copy adults' behaviour, so if they see you taking risks they will probably take risks too.  One of the best ways that you can help your child to stay safer is to set a good example when using roads on foot, when cycling and in the car.


Here are some of the things they learnt about:-


Pedestrian crossings such as puffins and pelicans have traffic lights and a

button to press which controls a “green man”.

Zebra crossings have two yellow beacons and striped markings across the road.  Remember to wait for cars to stop in both directions.  If there is an island in the middle, treat each half of the road as a separate crossing.


Top tips to talk to your child about:-


ü Explain to your child why they need to stop, look and listen when crossing the road.


ü Talk about safer places to cross and how it's harder to see when there are parked cars, junctions, bends or the brow of a hill.


ü Help your child to learn the names of the different crossings, such as zebra crossing, pelican crossing and traffic lights.


Sex and Relationships Education


A big thank you to those of you who attended the Sex and Relationships Education workshop last week led by Mrs Brady and Mrs Foyle.  It was a full house and the feedback showed that you found it informative and helpful.


If you were unable to attend, here are some of the main areas we covered.


The Sex and Relationships curriculum is part of our PSHE ‘Jigsaw’ curriculum.


Why is SRE taught in schools?


ü There are many reasons why SRE is taught in schools and here are some of them:-

ü It is part of the National Science Curriculum.

ü More than ever before, children are exposed to representations of sex and sexuality through the         media and the social culture around them, so we need to present a balanced view of SRE.

ü Research shows that most parents say they want the support of schools in providing SRE for their       children.

ü Knowledge empowers children to make informed decisions that help keep them safe, healthy and         happy.


This term, the children's theme for all year groups is “Changing Me”.  Each year group will be taught appropriate to their age and development stage.  Here is an example of what will be taught in each year group:-


Year R    How we have changed since we were babies.

Year 1    Boys’ and girls’ bodies and body parts.

Year 2    Boys’ and girls’ bodies, body parts and respecting privacy (which parts of the body are private and why this is).


If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please ask your class teacher. 

Art Exhibition


All the children at Stourfield Infants are amazing artists!


Parents were invited to come and view their child’s artwork at an Art Exhibition in the school hall on Wednesday 15th March 2017 and Thursday 16th March 2017.


As part of a whole school theme “World Art”, the children become artists.  They explored African, Aboriginal, Indian, Chinese, Native American and European art work and techniques.  They then created their own piece of art that was framed and displayed in the exhibition.


A big thank you to the PA who very kindly purchased the frames, framed the pictures and helped to prepare the hall.  Each child’s art work was available to buy for a minimum donation of £2.


Parents comments:

“The artwork is of such a good standard. I enjoy coming to see this every year”.

“Very well organised and good presentation of the art. Well done to the children and also the school for organising the event”.

“Wow, what an amazing display! So proud to see how hard all the children have worked to produce such brilliant artwork. Thank you”.




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Scholastic Book Fair (Mar 2017)

What an amazing turn out for the Book Fair! The hall was really busy and full each day.  Here is what some of the children said:-

“I loved the Book Fair and I bought a football book and a big dinosaur book”!
“It was really good because I got to pick some books to buy.  I bought three books”!
“I love the Horrid Henry books the best”!

The fair made £1500, which means that we will be able to order lots of new books for the school.  Thank you for coming along and supporting this event.  Finally, a BIG “thank you” to our fantastic Parents’ Association, who gave up their time to organise and run the “Book Fair”.

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Dress Up Day

The children looked amazing dressed up as nouns, adjectives and verbs. There was an array of words
such as growing, brave, silence, fragile, running, dog, princess and many more.  Thank you to everyone for your support.

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Reception's Fantastic Finale (Feb 2017)


We thoroughly enjoyed inviting our grown ups in to hear us recite a poem by A.A. Milne. We even got them to join in with us! We had fun creating celebration bunting for our party to celebrate Winnie The Pooh's birthday.



Beauty and the Beast


Reception and Year 1 were very lucky to have a free showing of Beauty and the Beast. There was a lot of audience participation, including Mrs Harper dancing with Gaston! The children joined in with clapping and singing, and there was great excitement when the Beast asked Belle to marry him.

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Christmas Fair

Thank you for all your support at our Christmas Fair on Friday, 2nd December.  It was lovely to see such a great turnout. The inside and outside were full of wonderful stalls selling crafts. There were lots of fun games to play too.  Father Christmas’s Grotto was very popular. There are obviously lots of children on his ‘good list’!
There was entertainment from ‘Shiver and Shake’ which got everyone moving and keeping warm.  The Stourfield Junior choir sang some beautiful Christmas carols so that everyone was well and truly in the festive spirit!  The sizzling BBQ sold lots of tasty hot dogs and the ever popular tea-room served warming hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Liberty Owls

We had a very special visit from Maxine who works at “Liberty Owl and Raptor Centre”. She introduced us to three owls.  We found out about the foods they eat, how they catch their food and where they live. We learnt
about the owls’ special hearing and why they move their heads all the way around. We also learnt about how the colour of their eyes tells us what time of day they come out. After all that, we had the special treat of being able to stroke a Tawny Owl called “Bramble”.

Children In Need

Stourfield Infant School was ‘Spotacular’ last Friday as everyone went spotty for this year’s “Children in Need”
appeal. The children looked amazing in their spots and the best outfits won small prizes.  During the day the children had fun, but also thought about the issues faced by some children in our communities and completed various activities.  We are so proud of them for their super citizenship and are grateful to all parents and carers for your support and contributions.

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Online Safety

Last week was ‘Online Safety’ week at school. All year groups had a visit from the Dorset Police Schools Team. The children learnt about how to keep safe online.  Here is what some of the children learnt:-
“Don’t talk to people you don’t know online”.
“Don’t give anyone your personal information online”.
“If a stranger comes to you online, don’t say anything back”.
“Always tell a grown up if you are worried”.


On Friday 11th November, former Sgt Millington of the Royal Air Force, talked to the children about “Remembrance Day”. He explained why poppies are worn and enlightened us as to how we should wear our poppies - on the left hand side where our heart is with the leaf positioned at 11 o’clock.  The whole school was really respectful and completed a minute’s silence after play time. Our school has helped to raise lots of money for the Royal British Legion through buying wrist bands and poppies. This money will go
to support current and former service personnel and their families. Thank you to everyone for your kind donations.

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Captain ‘O’

We were visited by children’s author, Ali Smith, who shared some of the books she has written with us. Buttercup Base was transformed into a pirate ship with lots of exciting treasure! We learnt some actions to help us retell “Captain ‘O’ and the Mermaid” and we listened to some other stories about adventures of Captain ‘O’.  We used props to help us remember the order of the story.

Walk to School Week!


Big congratulations to RUBY BASE, who are the winners of this terms 'Walk to School'. As a class they improved their number of walkers by a huge 20%. Thank you to all of you who took part.